warehouse moves

Warehouse Moves

KCS Office Moving offers any of the following services for warehouse moves including disconnecting and reconnecting pallet racking, metal shelving, packing and unpacking small parts inventories, and moving palletized equipment and inventory. We can also remove your racking anchors at origin and reinstall them at destination. Our process is tailored to fit your production needs.

Installation Services

Installation Services

Cubicles, wallboards and TV’s are just a few of the items KCS Office Moving disconnects, moves and installs on a regular basis. KCS Office Moving knows it is important to coordinate the schedule between the installers, electrician and movers, to assure as little downtime as possible. Additionally, we provide Project Managers to be onsite during the move to solve any complications as they arise.

Computer Services

Computer Services

KCS Office Moving specializes in moving full server racks. We utilize a proprietary server rack mover that allows us to safely and securely move your server rack without needing to un-rack or re-rack your servers. This not only saves you money by reducing your IT budget for your move, but also increases valuable technology resources by freeing up your IT personnel to pressing tasks.

recycle and decommision

Recycle or Decommission

Maximizing the use of space at your new office is smart decision making in the current real estate environment. The unintended result of effective space planning is often the need to decommission and recycle old furniture and electronics to make room for more efficient equipment. KCS Office Moving can handle these all of these items during your move for you.


FF&E Logistics & Installs

KCS Office Moving can handle the receiving and delivery your next furniture project. We also work to install custom furniture and fixtures within a hotel or restaurant environment. Our warehouse is able to receive, install and store your office furniture if your destination is not ready. Give KCS Office Moving an opportunity to bid your upcoming FF&E project in the Houston area.